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  • PET shampoo bottle

    PET shampoo bottle

    Yizheng Packaging makes bottles in a variety of shapes, including items appropriate for cosmetics, hair care, and lotions. They're available in several sizes, from small cylinder bottles to squat, large round, bulk-sized items. Assorted colors provide several choices for product display.

  • Hdpe bottle

    Hdpe bottle

    HDPE is also easily recycled. Companies offer HDPE bottles in many different shapes and sizes, and with a variety of closures to really help you customize your final product.

  • Hand cream tube

    Hand cream tube

    Tube material could be PE, Laminated plastic material, PCR plastic tube, Sugarcane Tube. Cap material is ABS. Application: Skincare, personal care, sunscreen Cream etc cosmetic products.

  • Eye cream tube

    Eye cream tube

    Yizheng Packaging is a cosmetic packaging custom enterprise engaged in the production of eye cream packaging for more than 20 years. Combining the instrument and packaging, it mainly produces zinc alloy eye cream tubes, ceramic head eye cream tubes, vibrating eye cream tubes, frees your hands, and doubles the massage effect . Provide customized packaging services for major brands at home and abroad, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

  • Body care tube

    Body care tube

    This tube packaging is suitable for hand cream, sunscreen, skincare etc. Squeeze it, you will love it.People like using hand cream to protect their hands, once you choose our ice cream tube for your hand cream product, your customers will love your product more than ever, due to the lovely shape of the formula.

  • Acrylic jar

    Acrylic jar

    The weight and feel of an acrylic jars can make the product seem more luxurious. You can choose from any of the options above, depending on what price, value and feel you want to hit. You can even mix and match specifications to create a jar perfect your brand!

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